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Pulling Handles on Mugs

Trimmed Mugs and Pulled Handle Plugs ready to attach.

Tap end of handle plug to widen attachment end. Score and slip mug and plug. Attach.

Gently sponge off oozing slip.

Smooth connection so handle plug seems to grow from the mug, like a branch grows from a tree trunk.

There is a subtle move that works the connection from the center out to avoid trapping air between handle and mug.

Support mug from inside when pressing handle onto rim area.

Use gravity to your advantage. Hold mug such that the handle drops straight down from mug. With the first pulls taper the handle.

Continue pulling, rotating your hand around the growing handle to even the shape.

Lightly touch handle to mug, paying attention to the size and shape of the negative space between handle and mug.

Confirm handle is straight.

Break off excess handle length while firming up handle attachment at bottom.

Smooth attachment with sponge.

Another view of smoothed attachment.

Not shown: I also lightly sponge top of top handle attachment and check rim is smooth


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