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Meet Sarah

I explore color and form, bringing joy and beauty to fruition, launching my creations into our communities, enhancing our  lives.
Coffee or tea taste better in your personal mug.
Serve love, or ice-cream, in my small bowls.
Even leftovers taste better in my bowls.

Meet Sarah: About

I love to share stories

Every pot carries a story from my life into yours. And many stories return to me, as my pots find their ways into the world and into your lives.

Mine & Yours

Meet Sarah: Text

Potter since 1980

As my first 20 years of making pottery drew to a close I looked up for a moment, recognizing I'd spent my first 20 years working on form and dedicated my second 20 years to color.

I now dedicate my final 20 years to combining color and form in ever more pleasing ways.

I would love to fulfill your pottery desires.

Talk to me about fulfilling your special orders.

Meet Sarah: About Me
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